“When the Fall Comes” is a vulnerable and brave investigation into how one overcomes tragedy. Adriana Marchione courageously leads through example: reliving and retelling the story behind the death of her husband through the arts. This is a documentary that is worth tackling – one that will leave you believing in the healing power of the expression of gratitude no matter what the circumstance.

– Jeff Galfer, Actor and Producer

“When the Fall Comes” is a testimony to the resilience of the human spirit! Using rich symbolic imagery through dance, music, poetry and natural landscapes, expressive arts therapist Adriana Marchione explores how the expressive arts can be used to heal from grief and loss. Highly recommended for those working with the dying process in medical and therapeutic settings, students learning about the power of the arts, and anyone navigating the journey between death and new life.

– Tina Stromsted, Ph.D., Jungian psychoanalyst and
Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist

… melancholic and elegiac- captures the deep loneliness that can accompany the grieving process, but also the joy, the privilege of witnessing someone’s demise.

– Joe Goode, Artistic Director of the Joe Goode Performance Group

Adriana goes to the depth of her own existence as she mourns the loss of her husband. An open, honest and searching exploration of the ways in which art can be a companion in grief, full of grace and beauty.

– Stephen K. Levine, Dean of the doctoral program in expressive arts at The European Graduate School, author of Trauma, Tragedy, Therapy:
The Arts and Human Suffering

Can art heal grief? Take note in this beautifully crafted film-a poem in itself-woven together with interviews, metaphorical imagery, and performance. One experiences not only the sense of grief and longing, but the sense of healing rooted in the creative process. A testament to the power of healing through art.

– Barbara Klutinis, Filmmaker

The film “When the Fall Comes” is truly a work of beauty that lends understanding to the grief journey through the eyes of an artist who knows the landscape of grief intimately. In relating her own experience, inspirational filmmaker Adriana Marchione illustrates how art and creativity can open up channels of expression that make possible new perspectives on grief that allow us to be fully alive to all of our feelings –including joy –as we navigate the ever-changing world of grief. Through this film we learn how art can give us “something to hold on to when we are falling”.

– Patricia Murphy, Director, Josie’s Place for Bereaved Youth and Families

“When the Fall Comes” is an evocative and poetic story of grief and healing narrated through Adriana’s life journey and expressive arts practice. We get to know Adriana as she talks about her personal experience and creates a beautifully staged performance. We hear and learn about the complexity of loss. Filmed exquisitely and intimately by Wyatt Roy and Michael Brandt, viewers see Adriana’s everyday world, relationships, and natural landscapes evolve. We are invited to feel our humanity, hope, and transformation.

– Joy Cosculluela, MFA, Performing Artist and Educator